The SGT Glass-Lined Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 1955.(hereafter referred to as SGT Company in 2000).
The SGT Company is one of the executive directors of Chinese Chemical Industry Equipment Society, the deputy director unit of Porcelain Glass Specialized Committee, and a main member of Porcelain Enamel Equipment Standardization Committee. The SGT company participated in preparation and validation work of the national professional standards related to glass-lined products. Our company has the Design License of Special Equipment TS2231036-2018, Manufacture License of Special Equipment TS2231035-2017 and Quality management system certification ISO9001:2008 ANAB13Q20472R2M. Besides, our company has an engineering and research department which engages research and development of the enamel with the excellent
performance and the world advanced production technology ,and undertakes the designs for the first or second category of pressure vessels, glass lined pressure vessel and product development business .
The main products of the company are the glass-lined equipment: reactor, storage tank, evaporator, distiller, polymerization kettle, heat exchanger, tower and auxiliaries. We also undertake the design, development and manufacture of non-standard glass-lined, carbon steel and stainless steel equipment, and provide various standard sizes of glass-lined rectors, kettles and storage tanks from 50L to 50000L.……


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